Friday, September 5, 2014

Review Of Fish & Co. Bangladesh , Dhaka

Went to have dinner. Now d competition starts whoz gonna get d table first. Waited almost an hr to get a seat. We were offered complementary drink i.e coke for waiting. Then after getting the table we had to wait another 30/40 min for someone to take our order. We ordered 2 Chockie Junkie price 345, 1 Cranberry Float price 245, 1 Swiss Fish & Chips price 780, 1 New York Fish & Chips price 780 & 1 Seafood Platter No 1 price 1245. Now d actual storyi. First they served 2 New york fish & chips whereas we ordered 1 new york fish & chips & 1 swiss fish & chips. When we complained, after tasting both d new york fish & chips, they served swiss fish & chips. Before we could finish eating sea food platter no 1, they just took it away without asking us & we didnt even tell them to do it. Again we complained so they gave us a complentary Singapore Fish & Chips worth 685tk. We didnt say anything coz we knew we had to wait out lifetime if we ordered another sea food platter. We vry already full so we told them to pack all the food. The food never came & we also ordered 1 extra New York fish & chips & 1 sea food platter no 1 for take away which took a deacade to deliver. When we asked about our leftovers they said they trashed it & we were really pissed off so they gave complimentary sea food platter no 1. It was totally a messed up situation with the worst service. Food Rating..Drinks 8/10..New york fish & chips 10/10..Swiss Fish & Chips 7/10..Singapore Fish & Chips cant rate coz we didnt even taste it & they trashed it without asking...Platter No 1 rate 6/10...Service -100000/10..i dont think i'll go there again
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