Sunday, October 26, 2014

Review Of Some Jomuna Future Park's Food Court

Places to visit in Jomuna Future Park
Every day there is At-least one post regarding what to eat in jfp & because I am a frequent visitor I thought I would share my preferred places
1. Friday's - I really like their tangy chicken. It's big enough to be shared by 2 people but you may have to order an extra rice as it doesn't come with any. (8.5/10)
2. Sub factory - I am not a big fan of sandwiches but this place does have good ones. (8/10)
3. Poplar - I find all their desserts too sweet for my liking but others seem to really enjoy them. I only like their milk pudding. (7/10)
4. Ecstasy Cafe -I ordered a grilled chicken meal which tasted good & was quite filling but it is a lil overpriced & the portions of other dishes are very small (7/10)
5. Urban spice - I went there with my family & had a very good meal. Their Tom yum soup had huge prawns & every single thing we ordered was very good (Thai fried rice, steamed lemon fish, some beef & chicken dish I can't remember the name of) but I've heard of other people having bad experiences which tells me their sservice isn't consistent (for me - 9/10)
6. Bnb - love their chicken teriyaki burger (9/10)
7. Tekiya - I had the shrimp sushi & liked it but again ice hears mixed reviews of this place (for me - 8/10)
8. Khushbu - the yoghurt sorbet is very good but ask them not to add lemon to it (8/10)
9. Tabaq - liked their CB the first time but not so much the 2nd time but love their ferrero rocher shake.(8.5/10)
10. Happy bites - l liked their Oreo shake way better than tabaqs but I went there a long time ago & my sister went there recently & said that it sucked ( for me - a 9/10)
That's all for now

Review Of Suzuki Coffee Dhaka

Place: Suzuki Coffee Dhaka
Items: Cappuccino: 9/10
Cafe Latte : 8/10
Espresso : 8/10
Hot Cocoa : 8.5/10
Suzuki Ice Coffee: 5.5/10
Thai Tea Latte : 5/10
Decor/Atmosphere: 8/10
Service : 10/10
Review: As the new kids on the block, Suzuki coffee needs to step up its game. The hot coffee items were all solid performers, but not quiet up to the standards you would expect from an international chain. They offer nothing out of the ordinary and there definitely wasn't any 'wow' factor. But considering the introductory price of 70tk, it was good enough.
The cold items killed it for me. They put way too much ice in the mug, and as a result, the coffee turned watery pretty fast. Maybe they're cutting back on ingredients for now due to the low price charged? I don't know...but hopefully they'll rectify this. Until then, don't go for the cold items.
On a more positive note, the two foreign baristas/trainers are very friendly and helpful. To people in the restaurant industry...that's how its done!

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