Sunday, October 26, 2014

Review Of Some Jomuna Future Park's Food Court

Places to visit in Jomuna Future Park
Every day there is At-least one post regarding what to eat in jfp & because I am a frequent visitor I thought I would share my preferred places
1. Friday's - I really like their tangy chicken. It's big enough to be shared by 2 people but you may have to order an extra rice as it doesn't come with any. (8.5/10)
2. Sub factory - I am not a big fan of sandwiches but this place does have good ones. (8/10)
3. Poplar - I find all their desserts too sweet for my liking but others seem to really enjoy them. I only like their milk pudding. (7/10)
4. Ecstasy Cafe -I ordered a grilled chicken meal which tasted good & was quite filling but it is a lil overpriced & the portions of other dishes are very small (7/10)
5. Urban spice - I went there with my family & had a very good meal. Their Tom yum soup had huge prawns & every single thing we ordered was very good (Thai fried rice, steamed lemon fish, some beef & chicken dish I can't remember the name of) but I've heard of other people having bad experiences which tells me their sservice isn't consistent (for me - 9/10)
6. Bnb - love their chicken teriyaki burger (9/10)
7. Tekiya - I had the shrimp sushi & liked it but again ice hears mixed reviews of this place (for me - 8/10)
8. Khushbu - the yoghurt sorbet is very good but ask them not to add lemon to it (8/10)
9. Tabaq - liked their CB the first time but not so much the 2nd time but love their ferrero rocher shake.(8.5/10)
10. Happy bites - l liked their Oreo shake way better than tabaqs but I went there a long time ago & my sister went there recently & said that it sucked ( for me - a 9/10)
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