Sunday, October 26, 2014

Review Of Suzuki Coffee Dhaka

Place: Suzuki Coffee Dhaka
Items: Cappuccino: 9/10
Cafe Latte : 8/10
Espresso : 8/10
Hot Cocoa : 8.5/10
Suzuki Ice Coffee: 5.5/10
Thai Tea Latte : 5/10
Decor/Atmosphere: 8/10
Service : 10/10
Review: As the new kids on the block, Suzuki coffee needs to step up its game. The hot coffee items were all solid performers, but not quiet up to the standards you would expect from an international chain. They offer nothing out of the ordinary and there definitely wasn't any 'wow' factor. But considering the introductory price of 70tk, it was good enough.
The cold items killed it for me. They put way too much ice in the mug, and as a result, the coffee turned watery pretty fast. Maybe they're cutting back on ingredients for now due to the low price charged? I don't know...but hopefully they'll rectify this. Until then, don't go for the cold items.
On a more positive note, the two foreign baristas/trainers are very friendly and helpful. To people in the restaurant industry...that's how its done!

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