Friday, August 29, 2014

BreakFast Of Barisal , Bangladesh !!!! You will love it !!

Breakfast of Barisal
Apart from photography, food is my another passion. I try to find out local traditional cuisine when I travel out of Dhaka. This particular food is slightly different than your usual taste bud. Sweet doi(curd) produced from cows milk without mixing powder milk tastes more traditional, when you eat it fresh and still warm, it just feels like heaven.
If you visit this shop called “Dodhi Ghor”, opposite of “Lechu Shah Mazar” in Barisal Sadar early in the morning around 8pm, please ask them to serve warm doi, not the cold one from fridge. You will taste silky-smooth-soft-not-too-sweet Mishit Doi in a traditional kasha(bronze) plate which will melt in your mouth literally. They cut the doi with oyster shell without touching it with spoon. You can add sweet muri, chira, bit of ghol, banana & my own mix little bit of butter.
However, once the curd cools down or kept in fridge, it loses its wow factor. So, when you are in Barisal, make sure u go there early in the morning.
Price is reasonable, 1 kilo is around 150tk may be, doi chira option is probably 20 or 30tk.
My rating 9/10

Collected !!!

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