Saturday, August 30, 2014

Burger review on Wifi Street Food Cart.

Taste 8/10
Price 10/10
Hygiene 3/10
So let's walk through. The cart opens at around 4:45-5 PM and since I was early and had nothing to do, I watched them set up. It was a rainy day and the street was muddy. Sat Masjid Road has many buses passing by as well which makes it kinda uncomfortable. Then I watched them take out the cutting boards and wash them on the muddy street. The sidekick actually dropped ''the burger'' spatula on the mud (yuck!) after which the main dude gave him a scolding.
I ordered 2 Mexican BBQ Cheese burgers and a Special burger. The ingredients they use were of premium quality, I noticed most of their shopping was done from meena bazaar or some superstore. That was a bit comforting and surprising.
The Cheese Burger at 120tk regardless of the price, a great burger. It is quite juicy and packed full of flavours! The patty did have the awesome BBQ and grill flavour to it. They also gave pickles along with fresh tomato and onion.
The Special Burger at 150tk was a bit of a disappointment. In their menu it clearly said it had an egg in it. But the guy did not give any egg. After asking him why, he was like you get half of an egg per burger so only if you order 2 Special Burgers or if someone has a Special Burger on order at the same time, I can divide one egg and share it. So he gave me mushrooms instead. I got another cheese burger with mushrooms.
Math Time!
Cheese Burger + Mushroom = 120 + 20 = 140tk
''Special'' Burger = 150tk for the same thing lol.
I don't mind 10tk but that is not how you take money from customers. I'd rather give it to the poor and needy than be tricked.
Final Verdict: On a dry day I'd definitely order through Hungrynaki. And better you add your add-on individually so you know what you're gonna get. Apart from the misunderstanding I do think the burgers were fantastic! And yeah definitely the bang for your buck factor! Price just makes it beyond worth it. The burger saved the day! My request to them would be to improve on their hygiene (maybe change the sidekick) and hope I get my egg another day.
Cheers Peeps.


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