Saturday, August 30, 2014

Review Of Urban Spice

Because eating is what I'm best at!
1st Picture:
Clockwise Direction: Calamari Rings, Nasi Goreng, Kampi Goreng, Black-peppered chicken sizzle
Place: Urban Spice
Review: Firstly I'll start off with the Calamari Rings. These were pretty good actually, the meat itself was very tender but the only drawback here was the breading, I'd liked it if it was a tad crunchier and if they served a wedge of lemon or two. Rating: 8/10
The Nasi Goreng Rice was an Inodenisian interpretation of our regular "Bangladeshi-Chinese Fried Rice" and it was accompanied with a side of two satays, a crack of some sort and a sunny-side up. It was pretty good but it did lack a bit of punch and the nuttiness at some stages did overpower the art of the spices. Rating 7/10
Next up was the Kampi Goreng, which happened to be an Indonesian noodles of some sort, but this tasted divine. This had the perfect amount of spice, sweetness, tanginess and saltiness to it, all in all, it had the perfect Umami flavour to it. Rating: 9/10
The last dish was the Pepper chicken sizzle which was the best dish amongst the lot. This was terrific. It had a handful of bell peppers and onions stir-fried into it and it was ahh-mazing. It had that evil kick at the back of your throat every time you take a bite of it but boy oh boy was it delicious! Rating: 9.5/10
The total bill was 1300-ish or sth like that

To gulp down a heap of khabar, no normal dessert would do. Thus, Khusbu was the perfect place for it. They make Taiwanese desserts that are hands down the best of its kind in Dhaka. I had the Strawberry-Raspberry mash snow ice and it was heavenly. I don't exactly remember the toppings but all I remember is that it was a perfect combination. Oh, and NEVER EVER order the large bowl, you'll need a large posse to conquer that. All in all, this was the best dessert I've had in quite some time. Rating: 11/10
Price: 200tk

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